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S.A.G.E. is a mostly Sativa hybrid crossed from an Afghani landrace and an original Haze strain. Its name conjures up its appealing herbal scent, but is also an acronym for Sativa/Afghani Genetic Equilibrium. Indeed, at 20-25% THC, S.A.G.E. strikes an equilibrium between the sedative properties of Indica and energizing Sativa effects. Buds of S.A.G.E. are very leafy, but fluffy and loose like pure Sativas. Trichomes are plentiful - in fact, hash made from S.A.G.E.’s copious resin won second place in the 1999 Cannabis Cup. When cured, the large, sticky flowers are an earthy green to brown. The deep sage scent, typical of Haze, makes for a woody taste with a hint of fruit. This nuanced flavor profile won S.A.G.E. 2nd prize in a 2001 Cannabis Cup blind taste test. This strain burns smoothly and has a sweet sensation on exhale. With equal parts cerebral buzz and body stone, S.A.G.E. comes on quickly. Users describe a mostly tranquil, lightheaded high that persists longer than average. Although the narcotic calm of parent Afghani is present, it is tempered by a particular mental clarity. These potent, well-rounded effects can lend themselves to either motivation for daytime tasks or to focused relaxation. This strain can be particularly creative, clearing the mundane distractions that typically cloud perception. Aside from its mentally grounding properties, S.A.G.E. can also be beneficial for insomnia and chronic pain relief.






Herbal, Peppery, Citrus


Afghani, Haze